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School Meals

 Please click here to access our current school menu.


 The current price of a school lunch is £2.40.

Main meal is a daily choice of:

  • soup with a sandwich

  • one of two main course options

  • 'Grab five' packed lunch (Ask if this option is available at your school)

  • themed lunches based on school projects, curriculum or external events


Dessert is a choice of:

  • the daily dessert

  • fresh fruit

  • yoghurt


Drinks are a choice of:

  • water

  • fruit juice

  • milk

 Primary School menus have been developed to meet national nutritional standards set by the Scottish Government. Our recipes contain less fat, sugar and salt and are better balanced, healthier and more nutritious.

 If you would like more information on the school menu and the recipes we use please speak to our School Catering Assistant, Mrs Sidorjakova.

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