Enrolment and preparing your child for school

Enrolment for school normally takes place in November each year. Dates are advertised in the local press. Parents wishing to place their child in Eddleston School should telephone the Headteacher, and arrangements will be made to visit the school and enrol the child. Children enrolled for entry after the summer should reach their fifth birthday by 28 February of the following year after that date. N.B. Children do not have to attend school until the August after their 5th birthday. Children who are due to come in after the summer are always invited to spend a couple of half-days at the school during the preceding summer term, to familiarise themselves with the building, the staff and the other pupils.   Staff will also give parents advice on how to prepare their child for school. A useful website for this is http://www.educationscotland.gov.uk/parentzone/resources/index.asp

Parents living out with the Eddleston School catchment area should contact the Head Teacher if they wish their child to attend this school.